Murano Collection

Murano Tie-backs

Hand-Blown glass is the main feature of the Murano Collection. The rich colours achieved in glass combined with fine silks and rayon threads add an opulent decoration to any interior. The tie-backs are designed to be on a larger scale to make a statement to any curtain treatment. They are specifically designed for more contemporary styles for both domestic interiors and hotel projects.

The colours displayed are smoke, olive Amethyst, chestnut; new colours can be created to order.

There are three designs available

  • Murano Round Single Tassel Tie-back
  • Murano Fluted Single Tassel Tie-back
  • Murano Silver Pod Single Tassel Tieback with silver leaf

Murano Fringes

The Murano fringes are all woven designs with rich silver foil hand made beads. The trimmings are elegant in style. The colour palette ranges from rich Amethyst to chestnut brown and olive green. Along with mole grey, amber and red.

Special colours can be made to order and delivery time is at least six weeks if beads have to be made. The minimum orders preferred are five metres.

  • 5011 Murano Square Fringe
  • 5013 Murano Lozenge Fringe
  • 5014 Murano Disc Fringe
  • 5015 Hexo Disc Fringe
  • 5016 Marble Fringe