Kerala Range

Influenced by the tropical state of Kerala this collection comprises of hand woven braids and fringes with organic beads and decorations.

The collection is available from stock and includes coconut shell, seashell, spiritual seeds and wooden beads. The colour palette is natural browns, black and cream combined with natural yarns.

The trimmings are designed to complement a contemporary style for modern living. The edgings and fringes can be used to finish curtains, pillows and throws.

Trimming Styles

  • 9010 Coco oval Fringe
  • 9011 Coco Disc Fringe
  • 9012 Verdi Oval Fringe
  • 9013 Verdi Disc Fringe
  • 9014 Coconut Oval Fringe
  • 9015 Coconut Disc Fringe
  • 9016 Coconut Shield Fringe
  • 9017 Coconut Button Braid
  • 9018 Coconut Chip Fringe
  • 9019 Kerala Seed Fringe
  • 9020 Wooden Pompom Fringe
  • 9021 Shell Disc Fringe
  • 9022 Shell Droplet Fringe
  • 9023 Pearl Button Braid
  • 9024 Pearl Button Border